Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The slower side of life

I am hugely blessed to be in this awesome pilates/yoga/weight lifting class that's set to worship music with an anointed leader who speaks words of wisdom and encouragement to us through Bible verses, prayer, and insights.

We are working on our breathing. As a runner, I thought I had breathing nailed in the bag, the one thing I don't have to think or worry about. But as it turned out, the more I did the class the dizzier I got. What I noticed was that I hold my breath during any challenging move like the plank, a pushup, or any other difficult position. It suddenly dawned on me that I do this in life too. When things get tough, I hold my breath and try to muscle my way through the situation on my own strength. It takes discpline to keep breathing, tapping into the breath of life - Jesus - and let go and allow God to work in the challenging moment. She encouraged us to use our breath to bring strength to our body and allow the movement to be controlled by our breath.

My prayer for today is to learn how to use God's strength and not my own to move from moment to moment in this life. I can't hold my breath and suck it up and try to do it on my own...I need to breathe deeply the breath of God.

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