Friday, May 30, 2008

Preface to the Pamphlet: The Uncreated One

The Mission of the YMCA:
To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

A healthy Spirit, Mind, and Body: this was what I sold, in a sense, as the Membership & Marketing Director of a larger YMCA. Fresh out of college with 2 degrees - one in Marketing and one in Exercise and Sports Science - I landed myself quite an amazing job in upper management of a 2000 plus member Y. It was strange to suddenly be in charge of an entire department, all the staff, and hundreds of volunteers plus over half of their operating budget.

But I could get behind what they were selling - and in the 2 years I was there doubled membership and revenue. I bounced around in perfect health back then, athletic and strong, so sure I could sell memberships. But it could never be my ministry until I went through the dark valleys that come when our own health and those we love begins to suffer.

My Pamphlet explores the fullness of what God wants for us in Spirit, Mind, and Body health. Truly, we are not able to be whole unless we seek a balance in all 3 of these areas. I didn't say seek perfection in all these areas as many of us deal with health issues that can only be managed, and not cured, which requires a little more emphasis on the other 2, but balance can be had.

I know people with horrible diseases that still shine for Jesus and beam with enthusiasm. They have figured out a balance.

I want this for God's people! Tired and sick soldiers have less energy to accomplish His Kingdom work than vibrant soldiers. The difference between the two might simply be the person who has truly let this truth settle deep within their soul: the truth that He is the only Uncreated One. He set all of what we know into motion and if we can let Him be strong when we are weak, claiming the Power of The Creator of this universe over our Spirit, Mind, and Bodies we will find ourselves walking in that place of Hope that only comes from the one and only, The Uncreated One.


Suzanne's Blog said...

I like your first article in your pamphlet and can't wait for the rest. You never know. Perhaps by the end of it, you will have a book that you can publish. Can't wait to read more!!

jennifer said...

Good job, it's coming out... :-)