Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Book

Every summer, as teachers, we get the joy of packing up our trailer and driving off into our summer sunrise for 5 to 8 weeks to return home to zucchini that are longer than PCWS, basil bushes, and 500 pounds of tomatoes. Amidst one of our many excursions during the summer of 2007, we found ourselves at Trillium Lake, near Mt. Hood, Oregon. It's a Gorgeous lake that sits under the watchful gaze of the gentle giant. To my delight, I discovered a trail that circumvented this lake. A 2-mile thrill of a trail over bridges, through prairies, through marshlands, and all the while in view of this snow-capped wonder.

It was on this trail, feeling as high as a kite, that I began to run. I ran hard and fast and lapped the lake 3 times in record time. What was fueling my run was the exciting thoughts that began to take shape in my mind. An entire book was piecing together, thought by thought, chapter by chapter concluding nicely as I finished my last lap.

Sometimes I get brief little tidbits of revelations on runs but on this particular day, an entire book was handed to me. I came home (to our trailer :) ) and told the family I was to be considered out of commission for I was writing my book. I began to write the outline, dividing it into the neat chapters that I had already determined. There were many places I wrote something like, "needs research" or "look into this a little more"...anyway, after 3 hard hours of writing it all down I couldn't wait to share with SH. He would, of course, be blown away by my enlightened ideas, take me in his arms and tell me how rich we would be once it became a best-seller and I was touring the nation doing book signings.

I hastily tucked PS and PCWS into bed as I had a profound discussion to behold with SH. We sat down on the couch and I excitedly began. Not long into this process did I defeatedly look up to SH and declare how unprofound it actually sounded. I wasn't actually saying much of anything once I released these ideas into the spoken word. It was so shocking, as in the world of my own mind, during that adrenalized run around Trillium Lake, I had thought I hit a jackpot in the world of profoundness!!

By the time I was done, I concluded that maybe I had enough profound thoughts to write a pamphlet. So that's what I plan to do for the next few months. Post by post, I will share with you my Trillium Lake Pamphlet.


Cathy said...

Share away! I enjoy reading others thoughts and ideas!

jennifer said...

Julie, how funny! I know exactly what you're talking about! I've had revelations before that do seem so deep and enlightening, and then they get stuck in my head and refuse to come out to show everyone else the wonder! But I do look forward to your "pamphlet," I'm sure over time it will be just as amazing as it was on that run. :-)
Diary of 1

Amanda said...

A million times in the night I think I come up with a jackpot idea...then I wake up to realize that it wasn't the amazing thing I thought it was. Go with the pamphlet, look forward to it. Love a good read!