Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Be part of the community- post comments!! :)

I let that last post about Steven Curtis Chapman linger for a few days so that many could view it and be blessed, but alas, it's time to post again.

Just a quick post encouraging you to leave comments!!! I keep running into people that tell me how blessed they are to read some of these entries and how they have passed it on to people I don't even know who are loving reading this too, but I never hear about it!! I'd love to get to know you as we journey together through life,learning and growing. I think out loud -hence my desperate need to BLOG!!! And I learn so often by hearing OTHERS reflect!!

So, if you have a neat insight or thought or don't know me, leave a comment!! I get emails from some of you like the one I will paste here, but I'd love these emails to be comments too so it can encourage others!!

Here's a neat email from a new and now DEAR friend I met while in North Carolina last month. Hope it encourages you to see the journey of another God Seeker vs a God's Will seeker!!

First, I love your blog. It’s fun to get to know you as you describe your life through words. I’m glad that you have become addicted to it!! ☺

For the past four days, I've been truly blessed to be here at one of my favorite places in all the world, Litchfield beach, SC. This morning as I was walking down the beach, suddenly, well, something that I probably should have understood weeks ago, became very clear to me- Ah!! I think this is so cool!!! I have to explain some of the background for this to make any sense to you. Please bear with me.

As we’ve discussed before, I've been concerned for years about what I was going to "do" for God. People have given me insight over the past few years regarding this; but it has left me even more confused since this wasn’t the real issue in the first place. Months ago, I began really seeking God about this and praying that he would give me some clarity on the matter of what he wanted me to “do” with my life. It seemed like nothing was ever going to happen. But something did happen when I least expected it to.

Just this morning, on the beach, I realized that He not only answered my prayer; but, He did it in a way that I never would have believed or have been able to arrange myself. When I wasn't looking or expecting God to do anything, he took a simple occurrence like me running over from school to see a violinist at HGBC, to introduce me to someone who I could have never have met otherwise, from Oregon no less – YOU!

Until now, I honestly had no idea why I was blessed to meet you that day and why I’ve been fortunate to keep in touch with you. Well, now I know and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thanked God for you in the past few hours. You may think that what you said in your email about desiring God and drawing close to him was just a little thing, but it wasn't.. When you first sent me that idea, I read it but it has taken me a while now to really believe it. That one phrase has become the catalyst to the transformation that God has been longing to do in my heart for a long time– taking me off the focus of what I “do” to who I “am” in Him.

Thank you for allowing God to speak through you to guide me back to his original desire for my life. It’s amazing how life can make so much more sense when God is at the forefront of all your thoughts. I don’t know what kind of storms you went through to gain this wisdom; but I’m so glad that you persevered so that now you can pass this truth onto others. I am so thankful for the kindness that you’ve shown me and hopeful that you will allow me to follow your example as you follow Christ.

It was once said about finding friends: “Find someone who is running so fast after Christ that you cannot help but go faster with them in the race


Karyn&Kelly said...

Hey Julie- I'm blogging now too! It's kinda fun :)

jennifer said...

Julie, what a wonderful e-mail. You've obviously impacted this friend in a deep way; thanks for sharing this! God desires for His children to be in community just as much as we desire our own children to love each other and be best friends.