Friday, February 26, 2010

Oddities while looking for a Bible

My kids are 6 and just 9. They both read. My 9 year old can read any thing...highschool level is not a problem. My 6, almost 7, reads chapter books.

So, they have been begging me to read the Bible. But it is a book full of violence, sex, immorality, and rock and roll...if you know what I mean.

Does my 6 or 9 year old need to be reading about "women lusting after women and doing depravous acts with their bodies" ? etc. (Straight quote from Romans. )

Just because they can read, do they have to be reading about the horrendous violence in the Old Testament - simply because it's in "God's Word".

Today I went to the Christian Bookstore. Maybe that was my first mistake. Of course, they had cute covered Bibles for all different ages. The covers were different, but the inside was always the exact text. No editing out of "prostitutes" and "men lusting after men" or "sexual sins with their bodies"...just all the raw gorey details of the Bible.

There was a lady checking out who overheard my questions and decided to jump on her opinionated box to declare to me, "well, if your kids can read it then I feel they are ready to know about the full sinful nature of mankind. It's God's Word after all. If they can read it then they should know about it all." Blah blah blah. I sort of tuned out to the rest of her speech. I did let her know that I did not agree with her.

Truly, do non-Christian, loving parents, seeking to raise their kids morally look at the things that are taught to kids in Sunday schools at early ages about extremely violent acts in the Bible and think we are crazy? If I stopped for a moment and stepped out of my Christian bubble, I'd definitely be confused as to why we think we need to be talking to 2 year olds in Sunday school about some of the violent moments in the Old Testament like Cain killing Able or having them memorize the 10 commandments asking mommy as she changes their diaper,"What is adultery?"

Just because my daughter mastered the English language by 2, she was not ready to be sat in front of any English spoken R- rated movie. Just because they are great readers does not mean they have to be burdened down by our adult issues of sexual lust, violence, and all the rest. That's not their burden to bear yet.

I would love to hear your thoughts! I just want a truly age-appropriate Bible!!

In the meantime, I ordered this Bible for my soon to be 7 year old:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reason #227 for why I love working with High school kids

Frankly, talking to some adults can feel a bit like talking to Eeyore. I have to step aside so the rain cloud over their heads doesn't get me wet too.

But high school kids - despite the economy, despite the date on the calendar, despite the gray skies, despite, despite, despite, still deep down, have HOPE!

For I know the Plans I have for you, declares the Lord, Plans to give you a hope and a future...

Adults write this on a 3X5 card and tape it to their mirror in an attempt to try not to let this truth slip away from them completely while the average 15 year old just knows this is true.

They don't question it. They don't desperately beg God to not let them forget this. They just walk around knowing it, believing it, and looking forward to it. You can see it in most of their twinkling eyes that they just can't wait to see how it all will unfold.

The funnest question to ask a teenager is: "SO, what are your plans after high school?"

Try it - their eyes usually light up and their voices raise a bit, as their hopeful plans for their future unfold, reminding us all to keep dreaming as God is not done with any of us yet.