Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Do what You Want Run

Get close to God then do what you want. This mantra that SH and I have lived by since a good friend's pastor dad said this to us in college was what was on my mind today as I ran through the nearby canyon. We worry about trying to figure out God's will for our lives but the simplicty of this statement has profoundly changed us over the years to people that don't frantically seek God's will but instead frantically seek God.

The other day, my SH announced during boy sprout's soccer practice that we are going to go to Argentina for the summer of '09 to serve in an orphanage our church supports. Our sprouts will be old enough to participate so it's time we start tithing our time to God too. My heart lept with joy in agreement with SH's announcement. SH concluded our quick talk with, "we don't even need to pray about it. It's the desire of my heart and your heart so let's go!" We'll pray about the details but the actual decision to go was confirmed by the fact the the Holy Spirit impressed the same vision on both of our hearts so we are outta here!!

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Sherry Bowers said...

Loving it, Julie! Thanks so much for inviting me in a new way into your life! ~ Sherry