Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Insights from the road

I run. Every other day, rain or shine, I can be found pounding the pavement. No matter how tough my day is going, give me a pair of running shoes and miles of pavement and I will be OK. It's where God and I hang out, is on these roads and it's where my many thoughts about life gel into actual life guides. It's the thoughts from these pavement times that will make up the majority of this online window into my mind and heart.

Whether or not anyone reads this blog is less important as the need to just get these thoughts out of my mind on onto a concrete place. If you are inspired along the way, let me know! I think out loud with others and welcome you into my thinking place!


jennifer said...

Wa-hoo, you have a blog!!!!

Awesome, it looks really great, and I look forward to checking in here. :-)

So glad you have the pavement and the sunshine in C.O. to get yourself back in perspective. My hubby is a lot like that - he's been running for 3 or 4 years now, and when he doesn't get out, he's not fun to live with.

Amanda said...

Fun to build a blog, eh? I have three. :) One is a co-op, of course.

Love my running for the same thing, glad you have it too.

Hoekstra family said...

Julie -- I will think of you as I begin my runs also -- I am beginning again in anticipation of not letting 50 grab me by surprise :) take care, marilyn h