Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Perspective from the couch

This is not an entry inspired by the pavement but instead is a simple summary of me as I sit on my green couch looking out the window at dark hills under stormy skies. I am a musician, piano specifically. A friend just featured me on her blog - check it out at http://www.diaryof1.com/

I get to tour around the nation with nationally acclaimed violinist David Klinkenberg as his road manager and fellow performer. I had an easy in - he's my little brother. Strange to be on the national music scene but an absolute blast to be doing it with my bro (pictured here with me before a show in October, 2007) http://www.davidklinkenberg.com/

I also love to learn and teach about healthy eating. As a mom and a wife, it is part of how I love my family. I feed them well spending many hours each day preparing homemade foods full of chopped veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. I actually tried a stint at some raw vegan eating for about 3 months. Maybe I'll post a bit about that sometime. With a degree in Exercise and sports science from Oregon State, I thrive on this stuff. Maybe to a fault.

My precious children are 5 and 7 year old girl and boy - my little sprouts. Here on out referred to as boy sprout and girl sprout. They are my joy.

I am married to StudHusband (SH from here on out). This guy should teach husband classes he is so good at it. I'll post about him sometime too.

And finally, and most importantly, I am a Jesus lover. He has set me free and guides me through this pavement maze called life.

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jennifer said...

Hey, this is going to be a great outlet for your many ideas, and you can teach us all a bit about health & nutrition and pass along some of your yummy recipes! Many blessings,
(for some reason Blogger doesn't let me input my URL, so on Blogger blogs like yours, I'll always put my address on the comment.)