Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our God in action

Sitting in our women's Bible study (Discerning the voice of God) was a young girl I had never met before. We got to talking after I introduced myself and welcomed her and I got the privilege to hear an amazing testimony of Jesus at work!! She said I could share her story as I told her I would just love to encourage others about God's power at work. Her and her husband were not Christians and she, a young mom with 2 kids, was/is a recovering alcoholic. She says she was begging God of who she knew nothing about to take away her guilt, shame, hopelessness, and desire to just die.

About 2 months ago she was away from home at a 30 day treatment program and in the middle of the night, God woke her up and she said filled her with an instant sense of His presence and His peace. The chaos that was running around in her mind just was wiped clean and it's never come back again. Anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, hopelessness all GONE and in its place was God's strong hand of forgiveness on her life. This is the amazing thing! God literally did the same thing to her husband, sleeping in his home miles away from her, the same night and they think at the SAME TIME!!!! He woke him up and made himself so real to Him at that moment that His life was instantly changed. He is not a writer but God literally gave him a 5 page letter to write to his wife. He brought it to her on Family Day and she said it did not even sound like him - it really wasn't. He said he was given all 5 pages to write -he just sat down obediently and let God flow out of his pen to that paper.

For the first time in 10 years of being together, they are in love with each other. Their 7 and 4 year old boys are absolutely blown away at the change they see in their parents. Mom and dad are now affectionate with each other, mommy is happy for the first time ever. These little boys have witnessed the power of God to instantly change their family through the power of what Christ did on the cross to make a way to the God of this universe - the power of grace and forgiveness has instantly changed this entire family.

This young girl was beaming - she can't get enough of God's Bible and knows so little about it as she has never been in a church but she said her husband and her are totally different people.

This study is about hearing God's voice and something in it stuck out so strong to me and was evidenced in this sweet girl's testimony. We don't need to be frantically seeking God's will for our lives, we need to be frantically seeking God. That's what this girl was begging for in her life - she was frantically seeking God (not asking him for a job like she needs, or to take away the alcoholism or anything - just seeking God) and he miraculously met her and her husband and changed them both the exact same night. Hope that blesses you like it did me!!

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Anonymous said...

God is really amazing! I strongly believe that God sees our heart not who we are in this world. It's God miracolous love! This is amazing! amazing Praise Jesus Christ my eternal God!