Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stepping forward

I have been reflecting this week on God as our Mighty Counselor. Too often I go to people instead of to God for advice. I can touch them, hear them, and seemingly get to the solution faster. But these last 2 weeks, I have tried to do less of that, and more of quietly waiting on Him.

I have had 3 distinct moments when I heard his Counsel these last 2 weeks alone. The first one, I wrote of a few days ago in regards to where I need to be placing my faith. The second one happened after praying all night it seemed for my son when God gave me a simple practical word into the situation for my son. The third one happened, like it often does, in the early hours of the morning. I think God talks to me then the most because I am still, the world is still, and I can hear Him.

God called me to send the Sprout's Applications with the $100 registration fee into their Christian School.

Funny. When it's God, and I know it's God, my spirit does not even quicken and question. It just obeys. I didn't argue that we are potentially in the midst of the worst economic blow to our family over the next 3 years that we have faced yet.

He also didn't promise me, still, that they get to go. He simply reminded me that if I don't take the 1st step He will not be able to complete the work.

I shared this with the sprouts on the way to their school and my sensitive son finished the conversation by saying, "Now God Has a chance to either make it possible that we get to keep going to our school or not. Either way, He'll make it work out for good."

My little guy is getting it!


Amanda P said...

Amen sis! Good for you, taking these two weeks to slow and be directed by Him rather than people (who really don't know what we're doing) is an awesome time...and each time we do that I think it gets easier, we get better at coming to Him first.

What an example to your little ones too... makes me think maybe we have it backward. So many times we talk to people then to God- just like you did we need to talk to God- then talk to people about what God is speaking/doing.

Yeah mommy moments!

Karyn said...

Hey here Missy!
Thank you so much for your constant concern and encouragement. It has really warmed my heart and brings a smile to my face. You have been so consistent in loving on me during these hard times, and I'm so blessed by it. Thank you!!!

I love this post too. Kel is facing pay cuts also, but we continue to trust that God works everything together for His good, and ultimately we are thankful he still has a job at this point!

Stepping out in faith, and trusting God to open and close the doors...it really is that simple and yet so many times we humans complicate it.


Jennifer H said...

Oh wow! There are tears in my eyes. Thank you Lord for these sweet little blessings that can speak your heart!