Monday, March 9, 2009

Done blogging

Hope this isn't too disappointing, but I am going to stop blogging. Some day I might do it again.

I don't want to blog about my family life as I figure whoever would want to know what we are up to would know anyway. And it's just taking way too much time to blog about all my random and numerous Spirit, Mind, and Body ideas. Not really able to spend the time it takes to browse around the internet networking and making other like-minded blogging friends which is what well developed bloggers do. I'd like to, but would rather spend that time doing numerous other things.

I am amazed at some of your beautiful blogs - full of everchanging designs, pictures, and side bars. I have read blog posts that have pictures from every year of life of a birthday child in the house...I know for a fact that most of those pictures were not digital so they had to be scanned in, one by one for the world to see. WOW! What a labor of love! I am not worthy!

So, it leaves me pondering why I have been sucked into spending hours and hours doing this. I love to write and think and learn, which is why I started it. But, it's just taken up too much time.

I was going to just take the blog offline, but then I realized I do have hundreds of posts that could be helpful to people out there searching so I'll leave it up...which means that occasionally, I just might add another post!


TiffanyMurphy said...

BUMMER.....but i understand..

Kristin said...

Julie, I so understand! I have slowed down to only posting when God brings something to mind to share or when I know my family members in other areas would like to know what's going on.

Yep, I was one of those who scanned past pics into the computer, and yes it took way too much time. However, it was a gift to my children because all of their pics have been stored in a plastic container in a very unorganized mess. Emma told me just days before her b-day that I didn't care as much for her as I did Amanda because she didn't have as many pics. True on the pic number but definitely not on love factor! So that's what spured me on to get her pics into the computer. I soooo wished we had digital back then.

Anyway, I just really wanted to let you know that i understand how blogging can take up too much time. I have been reminded many times by my children and husband that I was spending more time on the computer than with them. How sad! I now try to watch that better. They are so much more important. One thing that helped them understand my desire to post about them was the fact that I am infact making a scrapbook of their lives. In May, which is my 1 year of blogging, I am hoping to print out my blog posts and put them in a binder for them to look at. It will have pics and all. This seems to fit me better than scapbooking. I wonder how much this would cost?

We will miss your blogs, they have been so helpful and inspirational.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with the family. Hoping we can get together this week.

Debbie Chavers said...

Wow! I am sorry you are leaving your blog. I just found it and have been encouraged. Thank you for sharing the things that you have. Maybe you need a season of encouragement. Maybe simplfy your entries. I am praying God's best for you and your family. I am inviting you to sign up for my encouragement blog at
Read todays entry on Philippians 4:13

Jennifer in OR said...

Blessings; I think of going that route myself sometimes!! Thanks for JoJo's gift bag!

John in FL said...

Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear, I enjoy your blog because you are so authentic. Maybe you need to put less pressure on yourself and just have fun with it. Anyway, I wish you and your family the best and hope to hear from you sometime.

BTW... what happened with your husbands job situation?


Suzanne's Blog said...

Are you really quitting your blog? I find that so hard to believe!! I know that it takes a lot of time and that family and life are far more important. I hope to see a blog from time to time when you do have time to write. I still believe that God has greatly gifted you with the words of encouragement that so many people need to hear. Hope that life is going well. Are you coming to Charlotte by chance for that concert? I'd love to see you perform again if I have a chance. Have a great weekend ahead.

Karyn said...

Totally understand. Everyone is entitled to blog how they see fit, but for me, I was always obsessing about what to post next, snapping pictures like a crazy woman, and trying to come up with the most creative comment to leave on someone's post. I finally realized, this is a contest I don't want to win.

I hope you will still post as you feel led. You are always so passionate on whatever you blog about. You have a blog that reflects YOU, and I appreciate your honesty.