Tuesday, March 17, 2009


(So, maybe I'm not done blogging...or I am just weaning myself...or it's an addiction I can't break free of cause I like hearing from you all and reading about your cool lives....blog life crisis happening here...till I figure out, keep visiting!)

It's a super strange and very funny inside-joke between StudHusband and I. For years, I have read books and it's absolutely amazing how I will pick up a book and somehow the plot is simultaneously happening in my life or relates to something happening at that time in my life.

Like, 4 years ago, I started reading the Jank Kirkpatrick series that chronicled women on the Oregon Trail over 3 books. I had no idea where these books were set in, but as I began to read book 3 we were cruising and camping in the exact areas that book was about in California. Then as the book shifted to the Applegate valley in southern Oregon, that's exactly where our trip took us to!

There have been so many instances like that I seriously begin a book and almost think it's going to end up a prophetic glimpse into what might be happening soon. I know, nuts. I read books that I have no idea are set around Easter, right during the week of Easter - or it's set in summer, right when July begins. I never plan this - but it almost always happens!

I just finished Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers - a beautifully written story of the importance of reconciliation between a mother and a daughter - only in this story, the mother dies before her daughter can let her know of the forgivness she feels for her. It was like God handed me a book after true friendship is happening with my own mom to put into words what I have been working through for these years - right during the exact month that I truly think we have made it to the other side of this hard journey between a mom and a daughter.

So, now I am reading a fabulous book called Chateou of Echos where a lady has bought a chateou in Italy and fixed it up to be a bed-n-breakfast. She doesn't enjoy a lot of guests, so often turns guests away who want to book a room. However, she does say yes to an author who wants to do some action research for his story by living in this historical home that housed the people that he plans to write a fiction story about. Anyway, his visit of a few days is so far lasting for 6 months (I haven't finished it)....

I started this book 2 weeks ago with no signs of any Italian Chateau or unexpected visitor in my horizons. 1 week ago I got a call from a dear friend we met 5 years ago...it's a long story, and this is already a long post, but here he is with a new friend that we never have met until 2 days ago...and after 4 days, they show no signs that they want to leave.

But we are thoroughly having a blast with them so I hope they do stay for a bit longer - hopefully not 6 months, but even that could be a fun adventure.

As I started that book 2 weeks ago, i remember thinking, "Now there's no way I will see anything parallell happen to me with this kind of a plot - " and now I read my book each night of the visitor that has moved in and during the day hang out with my friends, who are retired and don't live on any schedule, who are getting super comfy just where they are in our trailer.

It's so crazy!


Cathy said...

You crack me up Julie! that is too funny!

Amanda P said...

Uncanny. You really need to read a book about....I don't know...Jesus coming back!