Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Answers to a few questions

1. Wondering what happened with the budget cuts? We just found out and a few of you asked about this. The state is using it's $51 million rainy day fund to fund the shortfalls to districts that qualify. We qualify.

Kids only will lose 1/2 of a day.
Teachers will lose 3 - they will teach one day for free, not teach the 1/2 day, and not get one of their teacher work days. So for us, this means we suddenly we won't get paid about $800 to $1000 that was part of his salary. But, you know what? We'll be OK!! We have faithfully set up our financial spending plan according to the great teachings of Dave Ramsey ( and we are going to be fine. His financial advice is simple: don't spend what you don't have! No credit allowed, period. No borrowing allowed, period. We do owe on our mortgage...but are faithfully paying extra on this every month too so we aren't a slave to this payment for 30 Years. Without any debt, it sure makes life so much simpler.

Anyway, it is enough of a pay cut to make it tricky to pay nearly $10K for the kids schooling next year, so we are still seeking God in this decision.

2. I do still tour with David Klinkenberg when he has a full concert and promoters pay for my ticket. (FUN!!)

3. One comment from a friend said she blogs in place of scrapbooking. I thought I'd alert you all to an awesome, high quality site where you can create digital photo albums and they send you your book in the mail. This company targets professional photographers and they know how to print professiona level books. I never print out my photos anymore. For about $70, I get a large scrapbook that contains nearly 300 photos in it! No cutting, pasting, and sticker collecting. Simple is good!!

High quality printing (much better than the Costco photo books)...tons of space to journal if you choose...full bleed options on pictures.

That's it for now. Have a blessed day!


Amanda P said...

Great for you two for setting yourselves up so that you'll not be in crisis with the budget cuts. God is good!

I so enjoyed your testimony yesterday, thanks for being transparent.

I love the blurb...I'd love to see one of your books, think I'll have to do just that. So much nicer than a photo album. :)

Debbie Chavers said...

Fabulous, I am glad you blogged again. Thanks for the photo info., my children like to do scrap books.. Praying for God to provide abundantly above all you could ask or think :)