Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amazing Grace


Jennifer in OR said...

W.O.W. That was stunning!!

Amy Whalen said...

Hey Julie! Unbelievable that I found you here in a roundabout you know Jenny from Radiant Motherhood personally? I think I linked from her site. I would have emailed you but can't find a link to do so on here. Anyway, I used to live with you at Reed a LONG time ago. ;) I'm running too, or more like very slowly jogging, and blogging about it, although I'm also considering quitting my blog too (but not the running!). Before this gets too to you soon I hope! ~Amy

runninggal said...

Hi Amy! How did you find my blog!!?? And good for you for recognizing me! I guess I look the same :).

I've been in Houston bunch touring with my brother to different churches. Maybe we could come to your church! What brought you to Houston?