Saturday, March 21, 2009

When Harry met Sally, Live at our house this week


He met a lady, named Sally, through A Christian Dating service. They have been writing letters for a month (yes, through the mail - these are 60+ year olds without computers! I LOVE IT!) and they want to meet.

He spent Friday night here and on Sat. drove the 3 hours to get to her house to pick her up and bring her to our house. He wanted a safe, neutral place to get to know her. If they liked each other they'd stay until they were ready to leave...if it didn't go so well, they'd just go home! he wanted our advice on her. He wanted me to kick him under the table if he said anything weird - "cause you know, it's been a long time since I dated a lady."

And now, Live at Our House for the last 5 days was the 2009 version of When Harry Met Sally and I was so giggly about it all weekend, because you know what? They like each other! :)

Modern 60 year olds, they both love things like eating healthy, essential oils, chiropracters instead of doctors, herbs instead of drugs, hiking/biking/ walking instead of shopping/eating at restaurants/computers...

Who would have thought that Mountain Man Harry would have cabinets full of essential oils, supplements like Primrose Oil and CoQ10, and books on his bookshelf like "Wild at Heart" and "Hearing the Voice of God"....

But it makes sense! Harry sums up what my blog is trying to be about - he is a mover, he is a seeker of God in quiet and in service to others, he treats his body right through alternative treatments vowing that he will NEVER take a prescription drug. And the proof is in the pudding - he has more energy than many 30 year olds.

Each evening we get to hear more stories, listen to him read his profound poetry of seeking and finding God out there in the mountains, and he even sang 4 of his own songs to us one night with Princess sprout planted firmly on his knee. Who needs TV or Facebook to entertain us?! This is how folks used to do it, and it's filling up our hearts to the brim.

He is quite famous in his little town - because of the novelty of what he did for 17 years and also because he is such a servant to so many, helping whenever he can.

So, it was not a surprise that Sally liked Harry. And I was so honored that I had the chance to watch this unfold in front of me and that I got the chance to serve a man that has served so many.

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Anonymous said...

Such a lovely story! Would love to hear more on this one. Kind of choked me up actually.
On another note, I revived my blog after a year. Check it out!