Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome to my blog world

I have this cool spy program hooked up to my blog and now know that I usually have about 40 to 50 different readers every day looking at my blog - you are from all over the country and Canada - and I even know what you google searched to find me with or what website linked you to mine...

I was surprised at how many of you find me that aren't local friends so I wanted to give you a brief snapshot of me. My schooling background is an undergraduate degree in Marketing and also in Exercise and Sports Science ( I also have a degree in Spanish) master's degree is in Health Education. I have been a competitive athlete since 1988. I have been playing piano for 28 years. I write about these things a lot in this blog.

Most of you come looking for healthy life ideas. WELCOME!!

So, this has been cool! I can see you now!

I also realized, that you might not know what I do that gives me my unique perspectives on life. OK, so here's what I am up to to fill my days - in terms of my work only (I counted 4 jobs - yikes!) :

  1. I am a mommy of 2 lovely chillen' - one is a 5 year old princess sprout in kindergarten, the other is an 8 year old Sprout in 2nd grade - here's the fam:
  2. I substitute teach at their school when called upon. I have a masters degree in Education so this is good for keeping the 'ole classroom management skills up to par.
  3. I tour around the country with my brother, David Klinkenberg, playing piano and laughing on stage with him as we bare our souls to audiences about growing up together. Although, lately haven't gone as much due to the economy and lack of bookings.
  4. I teach piano - between my husband who teaches guitar and myself we have 20 students weekly that we teach. We do 3 recitals each year and take the summer off to gear up for the next round in September.
  5. I am David's road manager. This means I get to advance his shows once the contracts have been finalized. Weekly I am talking to people in time zones across the US (hence the 6 am calls from the East coasters that don't realize I am in PACIFIC TIME!)...I get to meet people from all over the US, promoters, other artists, big time music managers, and pastors. It's truly a blast.
And in the summer, I do NONE of the above (except for #1) - we hike, swim, road trip, camp, hang with friends, play on beaches, chill while living in our trailer for 6 to 10 weeks. It's always fun to see how big the zucchinis get when you are not home to tame them for that long!

My life is Abundant! Abundant indeed!

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Kristin said...

Hi Julie! Happy Monday! I loved this post. You do have an amazingly full life, and so adventuresome. Your kids will cherish the memories they have of those long summers exploring God's creation with you and Cory.

Let's shoot for next Wed. I hope you have a great weekend in Florence!- Kristin