Friday, February 20, 2009

David Klinkenberg dot com is back!

For months, I have sat in the evenings on my comfy couch, with a nice cozy cup of hot tea and a good book listening to the quiet clicking of my StudHusband on the computer. The "masterpiece" was in process, and I was not to peek.

The unveiling is finally here. David Klinkenberg dot com is ready for the world to see.

We did a photo shoot last fall on a beautiful fall day and had a blast together. I personally think that these photos are what makes this website HOT! The house is near our own, in the country, and is probably 100 plus years old. True Americana.

Someone just left a question on the comments about who took the pictures - My husband did. Of his many jobs in life, photography is his passion. Hubby, myself, and David (and our mom) spent the day doing the photo shoot out on location and had so much fun.

So, check it out!


Becca said...

Who took the pictures? They are awesome!

Jennifer H said...

When he tours in Redmond do you do the show with him?

Anonymous said...

His site looks great! He looked like Cade when he was little.

Suzanne's Blog said...

Great pics! Site looks great too. Way to go!! Are you doing any of the shows this round?