Monday, July 28, 2008

Wall-e Part 2

There are few movies I have seen twice, or care to see twice, but on the first night of our 5 week trip, we drove through Hood River and saw a cinema. Spontaneously, we all decided to go see Wall-e (since mommy was raving and ranting about how great it is). Princess Sprout has never been to a movie theater before and Wildman has only been once – to see Cars. We have never been to the theater as a family. What a great movie to be our first one. Princess was quite intensely mesmerized by the sheer size of the “TV” screen and at times a bit overwhelmed and scared. Wildman also curled up on my lap, nervously clinging to me the entire movie.

But ah, the second time through it I noticed more things that I loved. Eva, for instance, was completely preoccupied with her programmed mission to find biological life – at the expense of anything and everything. The dichotomy between her mission and her actions was striking to me. She’d blow up anything that moved as she sought out her green biological life. I suppose it points to the fact that any of us can get so preoccupied with our mission that we can become a bit over bearing. Taking any good thing too far can be dangerous.

As well, she made me question: can we accomplish much without each other? She eventually tossed the plant, breaking her programmed mission, to connect in friendship with Wall-e. Suddenly, relationship became more important. From that point on, their friendship built the foundation to forge the revolution needed to combat. At the robots intent on keeping things the same as they always have been. It took teamwork, in the end, to get things in motion.

Simultaneously, the captain had become so enamored with what earth once was and could be again, that he made the first human break away from protocol. He rose to the challenge of “whose going to do it?” and said, “I AM!!!”. He was sick of just suriving, He wanted to LIVE!! So he got off his sad existence of apathy and took the first steps toward independent thinking and responsibility.
And in the end, what brought the human race back to earth, was when they all stood up, and worked together as a team to toss that plant to the necessary robotic locater. They talked to each other for the first time, broke free of an existence of laziness and apathy, and showed us all, that there is power to illicit change when we act together.

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