Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wall-e I love you!

Wall-e, the latest Pixar movie, is currently my favorite movie. I would love to hear any of your comments about what you think it was trying to say. David and I couldn’t stop talking about it. Such a poignant commentary on us earthlings and the state of our beautiful earth. My favorite point of the movie was when the captain was so moved by the beauty of what earth once was and could be again that he got off his lazy bum and made the first step – which in turn inspired thousands more to act. What a sad existence was depicted in the thousands of people that simply just did what everyone else was doing – the easier road was so lifeless, so devoid of beauty, so riskless and so empty and the sacrifice of a life lived this way was a destroyed earth.

With less words than any movie made since the wordless movies of the 1920s, it says more than any movie I have seen in a long time. The power of connecting with another as Wall-e and Eva did and how it inspired a revolution.

Leave your thoughts here so we can inspire each other with our thoughts from the movie.

A friend just emaild me with this blog post regarding this movie. Great review!


Amanda said...

Kid appropriate?

runninggal said...

Yes - it's kid appropriate! They won't really understand sexual jokes or inuendos, no crude remarks...but very thought provoking themes.

And this is coming from a mama that doesn't allow any TV viewing. My 2nd grader's favorite movies are still Winne the Pooh. We guard this area very closely.

Sheltering my kiddos in God's Holiness.