Thursday, July 17, 2008

North Carolina these days

Hendersonville, NC

Spent the weekend in Hendersonville, NC doing a summer concert with David at 1st Baptist Church of Hendersonville. Packed the place out with more than 750 people creating an exciting show. What always amazes me is how many people come up to us that have been so deeply touched by our show or something we said. Each time I am humbled that God uses us.

Some highlights for me: a girl that has been reading my blog happened to live near enough to actually go! She came to see the “Pounding the Pavement” blog girl! This blew my brother away – we laughed that maybe I should read some blog posts during the shows since they are there for ME!! So – hi to Bekka and her mom! Thanks for coming! I didn’t end up saying much other than my usual fun bantering with my brother on stage – some shows I speak more from the heart, but just didn’t find the right moment for that this time. Sometimes just laughing is the best thing for the soul. And that’s what we all did that night. David put on an awesome show as usual, including the “seestur” act in the middle of the show.

Another super special highlight was my new super sweet, unbeliebably precious new friend, Suzanne who we met at our shows in Charlotte, NC last April. She drove 2 and ½ hours to see our show, hung out with us that night, got a hotel room that night so we could explore Ashville the next day. Drove through the beautiful rolling hills of Ashville,NC, walked through quaint downtown, got a delicious coconut/mango smoothie and then a vegan pizza. David loved it – the pizza – to his surprise. It has been a long time since I have met such a gentle and beautiful spirit. To think she has been so deeply inspired by things I have said to her just simply humbles me. That God uses me at all blows me away. Most of the time we never know how we impact others, but sometimes God allows us to know which provides the much needed encouragement to continue on Soldier!! I love you Suzanne!

Got 2 awesome runs in – through rolling hills, alongside rivers, through parks, on exclusive running/biking/walking paths that weaved through the towns. Loved it. 97% humidity and all.


Suzanne's Blog said...

Ah! Dear friend, I am deeply touched by your comments about our time together on your blog. Honestly, I would have driven longer just to see you guys perform and to spend some time with you. You are so special to me; and I truly cherished our time together. I hope that we can do it again when time allows us to. Just remember, keep allowing God to encourage others through you; and you will be shocked at how many people will be touched by your words. God can do mighty things with someone, such as yourself, who has a willing and loving heart. Keep writing!!

Amanda said...

's very fun to hear about your travelling journey's, thanks for sharing. Can't imagine running in that heat though! Yuck!

Miss you here in town. :)

BTW, clicked on the "top stories" link under your MY ZIMBO was yucky! I'm sure you didn't see this before, just wanted to let you know.

Kristin said...

Just think of all the places this adventure with your brother has taken you!! It has been fun reading about your trips. God is using you greatly girl. People can't help but fall in love with your contagious smile, bubbly personality and love for God.

BeccaB said...

Hey, it was great to meet you guys. I wish I could have talked to you both more but there were so many people who wanted to see you! The concert was awesome...I am blown away by the talent God has given both of you! Music truly does "levitate" the soul as David said and it does help me to draw closer to the Lord. Hope you'll come back to NC soon! (Try around the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area...hint, hint!)

Tipper said...

Hey you were in my neck of the woods! Glad you had a good time.

jennifer said...

Julie, what fun!! Sounds beautiful and inspiring...God is so good.