Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Give-a-way!!

I've been writing a bit about American values like community living and America the Beautiful. Starting next week, I will be posting more from my healthy living pamphlet. Weight loss, nutrition, healthy lifestyle ideas will all be discussed.

Leave 3 comments about what Freedom in the USA means to you (and your email) by Sunday, July 6th, and I will send you the hot of the press Star Spangled Banner mp3, just recorded in LA by Klink. Amazing how fast things get on the net! I just found this video, featuring David's latest song:

I love people from around the world and have family and friends that live all over this globe. I have learned so much from other cultures. I do, though, have to take a few seconds here and share about some of the freedoms that I love about the country that I call home.:

1. A recent conference featured multiple pastors speaking on the CURRENT horrors happening around the globe. Unspeakable torture, gang raping of women, child slave labor starting at 6 yrs of age - and these troubles are hugely magnified if you are a Christian. In some of these countries, it is punishable by death if you are a Christian. I am free to worship as I please here.

2. New friends of ours that do extensive social work in Nepal and India were sharing that her day starts out with her cup of coffee and then a trip to her roof. She scans the streets to see if it is a day she can venture out. Then she listens to see if it appears safe. Often it is not, so she returns to her kitchen and knows she and her kiddos will be inside. I love that any day of the year I can safely walk my kids outside on our sidewalks, go running, and go anywhere I chose.

3. I love all our PUBLIC LAND!! It simply does not exist in so many countries. I take for granted the thousands of acres I can just go play on. All the rivers I can go sit by. All the trails I can hike on.

4. Snuck a 4th one in - I love that as a woman, I still have as much say as a man in this country. I can not only vote, but my voice is heard at any forum I go to - town meetings, City Hall, State Government, Federal Government - women are allowed to voice their opinions equally with men.

Thank you America!!


jennifer said...

Freedom!! Whether my government is oppressive, communist, fascist, or murderous, I am FREE in Christ.

We are so blessed to have the additional freedom of a democracy in America. Even though our freedoms are daily being chipped away and eroded here in the U.S., we clearly have much to be thankful for, including the things you listed.

I can own a Bible, have church out in the open, speak the name of Jesus, criticize a certain political leader, or choose my own spouse, all things banned in certain other countries. For these human rights and more, we are blessed.

Uniquely Yours said...

What freedom means to me....
1) That we can have a large family if we choose so.
2) Freedom of speech although sometimes it gets us into trouble.
3) We have the choice to visit other countries.

Tipper said...

1. Free to worship in public
2. The right to bear arms
3. The right to vote

Neat idea for a post and a giveaway!!

MMrussianadoption said...

1. freedom of religion
2. freedom of speech
3. ability to vote

windycindy said...

Hello, Freedom is such a personal statement. Living in a country that is known to be free, I appreciate being able to be me, the choice to have and raise my children and feeling safe to practice my religion without the fear of being killed over it. Thanks very much, Cindi

BeccaB said...

All the above answers are so great and I had to think to get some different ones.

1. Prosperity-despite the current downturn in the economy and the high gas prices, the vast majority of Americans have a warm home, plenty of food and clothes and everything they need (and yet we still want more!) and people from all over the globe are clamoring to come to our country. We are truly blessed.

2. Education-just about anyone has access to higher education and there is plenty of financial assistance if you can't afford tuition. Also, as Julie pointed out, women have equal access. I have been able to go to college and pursue a graduate degree and no one thought I was crazy or fact, I was encouraged to go.

3. Our beautiful land-we have a pretty large country that has everything from gorgeous beaches, and vast plains to snowy mountains and arid deserts. We can travel from one end of the country to another and can see the glory of God's creation without passports!

brandy said...

freedom to say whatever we want.

bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

brandy said...

we can follow our dreams, whatever they may be. college a ceo etc. we have a great financial aid system

Suzanne's Blog said...

Freedom is such an awesome thing that we truly take for granted in our nation. There are so many countless things for which I am thankful in this country of ours. Even though I could name thousands, I will just add my top 3.

1 - I can praise my Savior, Jesus Christ, wherever and whenever I feel like it - and no one can take that away from me.

2 -I am free to disagree with any government official when they are contrary to the Word of God and not be persecuted for my views.

3 - I can wear whatever I want, travel wherever I desire, have friends from any country on earth, pursue a job without much restriction, drive a car every day, eat 3 solid meals, sleep in a nice soft bed without facing fear, and go to church freely each Sunday without question.

I was reminded today by a great American that as a nation, we must not try to change God's standards to meet our own preferences; but we need to change our standards until they line up with the foundational truths given by God on which our country was first established.

Praise be to God for our Freedom!!!