Saturday, June 28, 2008

Patriotism - mixed reviews

Recently a close friend of ours commented to SH, " I admire your patriotism. I wish I could say I had more of it in me." It's been of recent that I am seeing an increasing questioning of this country we call the US of A. Some of it might stem from my generation growing up in a rare slice of time in history with relatively few major wars and in its place, an amazing time of prosperity. We are becoming removed from the men that fought to make our country what it is. We might be forgetting why we have the freedoms we have as time marches on and puts a larger and larger gap between the generations that fought and the generations that live in the wake of prosperity our country has. And now with this never-ending Iraq war, cynicism is on the rise for sure.

Anyway, such mixed emotions over the Love of Our Country are not happening in Texas (or the east coast or Southern states)...Red, White, and Blue, hard work, and love for our country are the pulse of these areas.

So, when the audience would not stop cheering as they rose to their feet when David was done performing, he decided to do a sneek preview of his latest release, "the Star Spangled Banner". It's been commissioned for him to play it tonight (Sat, June 28th) in Ft.Worth, before the fireworks to a crowd of about 250,000 people - but the crowd in Odessa, TX demanded more, so he delivered.

Within 5 notes, the entire crowd rose to their feet, put their hand on their heart and stood in solemn respect as he ripped this song out. Chills over my whole body formed as I sadly wondered if this would happen in parts of Oregon. Out of a desire to not offend the Muslim population at an elementary school in Portland, OR they decided to drop the Pledge of Allegiance from their end of the school year ceremonies. When I lived in Ecuador or my SH lived in Germany, it was neither expected from us or done by them, that they stop singing their National Anthems or Pledges of Allegiance to their country.

In a few hours, David will be playing the National Anthem for the Proud Americans in Ft. Worth, Texas at Celebrate Freedom. He is on a line up today with Skillet, Chris Rice, Jaci Valezquez, Kirk Franklin, Lincoln Brewster, David Crowder Band, Aaron Schust, and tons others with Luis Palau speaking - all coming together to celebrate their country and their God.

Why do you love the USA?


BeccaB said...

I've never posted on your blog before, but I've been reading it awhile and really enjoy it.

I'm proud to live in a country that was founded on godly values and although a lot of Americans tend to distance themselves from Christianity, I think that God is still at work here. In fact, I believe that God has really blessed our country with a large degree of freedom and prosperity. I think that American Christians need to recognize these blessings and the responsibilities that comes with them. We have a lot of work to do, but God has already equipped us!

PS...I'm a big fan of David's...can you get him to post a recording of the Star Spangled Banner? I bet it's awesome!

Tipper said...

Very good post. Is so saddens me that a lot of folks no longer respect America-even though they enjoy its bounty.

Suzanne's Blog said...

I have truly missed reading your blog over the past 2 weeks. Just having arrived back from France, this post really touched my heart. While overseas, my heart was truly longing for home here in the US since all over France and the world, there is no other place that was founded on such Godly or passionate values. I enjoyed my trip so very much; however, coming home to this country is such a wonderful gift and priviledge.

As another commenter said, we have a lot of work to do in making sure that our country maintains its patriotism and the values for which it was based in the first place.

Thanks for reminding us about how blessed we are to live in the nation that we do. God bless it!!!

runninggal said...

beccab!! Welcome!! I could actually email you this latest song. I don't know how to post it on my blog. I will see if that's even possible!!

do you have an email?


BeccaB said...

Happy 4th!

My email is Thanks for sending it to me!

I'm actually coming to the concert in NC in about a week. Can't wait to see you there!

jennifer said...

God bless America!