Thursday, June 12, 2008

Butterlies and gas

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On the way to do the unmentionable (someday I might be able to divuldge my humerous, somewhat embarrassing, but heartwarming Saga Of The Week), I was super excited. I exclaimed to the kids, " I am so excited I have butterflies in my stomach!!"

PrincessSprout innocently saw a moment to teach mommy abit about the 'ole bod, "Hey mommy, that could give you gas."


"I have hearts in my stomach, just flowing out."

The next day I had post-Unmentionable-Event- Major- Second Doubts- Cold Feet- "Oh no, what have I done?!!" bats flying around in my stomach.

And that does cause gas.

What is your favorite Saga of the Week?


Amanda said...

That was your funniest blog yet, thanks for the laugh. :) Looking forward to today. :)

jennifer said...

Heehee. Well, you know my saga of the week - little daughter impaling bigger daughter with a deer horn. In the head. Have fun, I'm so sorry we can't come. The open head wound and all.

MooBeeMa said...

WOW! Now I've seen it ALL in blog-ville! So funny!