Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's tribute Daddy's all Week!

Over at Blind Pig & The Acorn, Tipper did a great tribute to her daddy. You could add your tribute to your daddy on her site - click here.

Here's what I wrote on Tipper's Blog :

My 3 facts: 1. His life was not about his agenda, but about his kids agenda. Many hours spent together playing football, soccer, or swimming in the backyard with us. Our weekends were not about him, but were about us.
2. He is so gentle. My kids have not fallen asleep in anyone's arms, other than their parents, except for this gentle man.
3. He is a talker and a listner. Breakfasts at my daddy's house often bleed into lunch. We just sit around talking about everything, filling up the coffee cup, until the morning turns into afternoon.

My daddy quietly goes about his life, fixing anything that breaks, building anything that he can dream up, creating art in beautiful buckskin paintings, growing an abundance of flowers and veggies...most importantly, he's always there, unconditionally.

But what my daddy can't do, is manage to even get his radio to play intune!!


Tipper said...

So great that you have a Super Daddy! A real blessing.

Thank you for mentioning my post.

jennifer said...

Very sweet tribute, Julie. Those are wonderful memories.

jennifer said...

By the way, very cool how your blogroll shows the latest posts!

Sapphire said...

Well written article.