Monday, July 7, 2008

The Oil Boom!

Back to my time in Texas....

Ranching, of course, is happening side by side to the booming oil business. At the church we played at in Midland Texas the next day,we met the other half of Texas – those employed, in some way or another, by the oil industry. Must admit, they are beaming with smiles as they talk of the current oil boom we are in. I never thought of it as an "oil boom" but rather a "gas crisis"!!! Funny how I have been almost mad at times as I see gas souring into the$4.35/gallon range while millions of Texans are seeing their housing prices sour (while ours plummet), their money clips swell, and their prospects looking glorious.

Note to all unemployed Americans: there are TONS of jobs in Midland and Odessa TX! Every single store,restaurant, and business had Help Wanted signs on their doors. They simply cannot compete with the oil industry jobs and the workforce has shifted to that sector, leaving tons of vacancies. Restaurants have literally gone out of business for lack of employees!!!

So, word from Midland and Odessa to the rest of the country: Thank you for supporting our amazing boom!! We are having ourselves a great time! Keep driving!! (More or less, anyway!!)


Tipper said...

Interesting-I like you have only thought about it from the stand point of gas prices-not about the actually jobs in the oil fields.

jennifer said...

Had no idea.

ashley said...

Good reminder to have a thankful spirit and not a complaining one!
I found your blog after hearing you perform in NC. I'll be checking back to read more.:-)