Friday, August 1, 2008

What we Eat

What we eat:
1. Whole foods. I shop the permimeter of the grocery store– ONLY. I am seldom in the aisles. I don’t even know what to do with the array of cans, bags, boxes, and packages that line these shelves. I park at the end of the store that has the produce and spend 80% of my budget in this section. We eat tons of fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds. We eat food that looks exactly as it was created to look by the Creator.

My son asked me if I could please pack something in his lunch that came in a crinkly package like all the other kiddos had…it is true, his lunches had no colorful wrappers with superheros flying around on it to attract kids to eat it – it simply has containers full of real food. Cukes sliced up, carrots, apples, strawberries, a boiled egg, homemade hummus, rice crackers, raw almonds.

2. Organic meat. Meat that is not raised ethically, free-range, and drug and hormone free is actually toxic for you. Meat that is raised correctly is actually healthy for you. Literally, there are chemical changes in the meat that are carcinogenic in grain fed meat. It’s worth it! And it tastes so much better. We get a ¼ to ½ of a cow each year and eat from the freezer. And it supports local farmers when we do this. I meat the farmers, get to know them, and personally hand them money for our year supply of meat. I love it.

3. Beans and grains – lentils, split peas, white cannelini beans, pintos, black beans, garbanzos, mung beans, and a few others coupled with brown rice, quinoa, millet, bulgar, or basmati rice make for yummy, complete protein meals

4. Raw honey – our sweetener of choice. Full of live enzymes, bee pollen, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties it’s actually our health tonic. Anytime we get a tickle in the throat, I squeeze fresh lemon, add a bit of hot water, and put a few spoonfuls of raw honey in the mix for a yummy and easy way to stop any viral activity in it’s tracks. (pasteurized honey acts just like refined sugar in the system)

5.Tons of salads. Lunch and Dinner begin with a large raw salad. I make many raw salad dressings to top these off nutritionally. Store bought dressings usually are laden with horrible ingredients – some of the worst food on the market.

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