Sunday, August 10, 2008

Killing the guilt monster when it comes to food

Is guilt an emotion from God? Did He ever say, "Thou shalt have guilt?"


If you eat a donut for breakfast - enjoy it!! Don't attach guilt to your food. It's all fun and good, in moderation. What I have learned to do as I slowly got rid of more and more foods I could eat is to find joy in what I did get to eat. In otherwords, learn to just love that juicy red strawberry and to enjoy it as much as you used to enjoy your candy bars, chips, or icecream.

It might seem impossible now, but you can practice through discipline, what your brain is thinking when you offer it food.

My whole family gets more excited over a fresh fruit smoothie then some kiddos get over brownies. It's revered as the ultimate treat. So what if mama throws in some greens...the bananas, honey, peaches, strawberries, and berries make it so good, we'll beg for seconds!!

Make it a goal today to start identifying what emotions you have attached to foods and don't get hard on yourself about it, just start working, one day at a time, at retraining your mind. When you eat foods that would trigger guilt, tell yourself to just enjoy it. Without the guilt attached to the icecream, the temptation to overindulge will dwindle and a normal size portion will satsify.

I refuse to put yucky guilt=-laden rules on how I eat. There is inherent joy in eating well because you feel so good. That in turn makes it easier to say no to foods that might irritate your system. It's not out of guilt, it's out of knowledge and truth that we make our choices.


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