Thursday, August 7, 2008


We follow these eating guidelines most of the time, and because of that, I really can happily allow my sprouts a treat at grandma's house once in awhile. Balance for me is about enjoying eating and not making decisions that constantly feel oppressive. My sprouts do want more sugar than we give them - but no matter how much junk we feed kids, they'd want more. I don't feel badly teaching them as we go through life about moderation, and that usually a bannana is the appropriate fix to their hunger pangs and not a chocolate power bar.

I do not want food to control me. I don't want to sit around thinking about food. I want to think on other things. Eating right, frees me to do just that. I want to be living my life to the fullest with energy to love those around me and serve.

Future posts in the fall will examine the truths about the following foods on the body: wheat, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and others. I will also explore exercise and healthy life style choices.

We need to make the switch from living to eat to eating to LIVE and live vibrantly, one juicy, organic apple at a time! :)

Now I am off, to backpack with my family. Princess sprout was doing 5 mile days last summer as a 4 year old so this year, we are eagerly anticipating some great trips. The truth is, God speaks to me even more when I am sauntering up a trail vs pounding the pavement!

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