Sunday, April 5, 2009

The trouble with being a girl

My heart is so full as I write this. A weekend has passed that was full of friends, smiles, laughter, and even warm sunshine. Saturday was pretty much perfect. StudHusband got up at 5 am to meet one of his best buddies in Bend to go up to Bachelor together. They, both being teachers, avoid the lift ticket costs by hoofing to the top and boarding down. Lots of exercise, sweat, sunshine and then a thrilling ride down, through awesome powder.

Our wildman sprout had his first soccer game of the spring with his daddy as coach and had a blast. He deserves to be so good - he devotes hours to honing his craft every evening. It's what makes him tick right now. He was scoring so many goals, out maneauvering kids like they weren't there, assisting, and defending so much that he was crushing the other team. Finally, Coach DAD, put him in the goalee box to give the other team a chance. The most awesome thing about this little sprout is that he is such an encourager to his teammates. He is turning into such a leader, right before my eyes. Then off to a b-day party he went with his good buddies from school. So, Sprout's heart was also filled up to overflowing this day.

So StudHusband got some friend time in. Wildman Sprout got some friend and soccer time in. And then I, after the encouragement of my friend Tiffany, decided to go ahead and go to our women's tea at church. I did so, only after I could convince one of my closest friends to go with me. Together we went, and had a ball. Surrounded by so many ladies that I have know for years, without kids, or deadlines, we just enjoyed time together.

But what surprised me was how many gals I met that were hesitant to go. The consistent theme was similar to mine - "Well, I didn't really have a role in the tea so I thought I'd just skip it this year." This was the first year I was not on the planning committee or hosting a table or playing the was the first time I could just go. But for some reason, that causes such turmoil in us ladies. We somehow think we need to have something to DO, in order to be WANTED.

Even with God, we think we need to DO something and all he calls us to do is to be STILL and KNOW THAT I AM GOD!!

I so loved being with my friends just because of who they are...not because they did a thing but simply because our hearts connect. And I think what filled me up the most is that I could tell that they loved being with me, simply because of me.

An hour after getting home from the tea, our good friends Harry and Sally showed up for the rest of the weekend and took us out to dinner.

All that to say, the trouble with being a girl is we can get caught up in DOING and not just BEING. This weekend I got nothing done, did nothing substantial to make anything happen, but I am filled to overflowing because this whole weekend was full of time with friends, phone calls to other friends in need of encouragement, and tons of laughter with my family.


Amanda P said...

It is so hard for me to just be, but we many time do all the good (busyness) and miss the best (presence). Mary and Martha, eh? I am in a season of pulling back, slowing down, this post hits home with me. 2 Thess encourages us to lead quiet lives.

Doing is really overrated. :)

Jennifer in OR said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend; I'm glad you had a chance to just relax and enjoy a tea time. And thank you for the ad!! Sorry I didn't notice sooner!