Friday, April 10, 2009

Chasing Flowers Studhusband! This spring he has asked me to plan nothing at all for the spring weekends because we will be chasing wildflowers in bloom around the NW, interspersed with soccer (he is the coach and Wildman Sprout wouldn't be caught dead missing a single chance to whack a soccer ball).

BUT....HUN-EEE!! There's so much going on....

"Clear the schedule!"

....women's retreats that I have been asked to speak at, 5K races, get togethers with friends....

"Wildflowers here we come"

So, I will bow out of speaking at the retreat, gracefully step aside so SOMEONE else can win a 5K without me there to usurp the title (Hee hee!!), and I will help carry the photography equipment on our journeys around the NW this spring as wildflowers begin to blossom.

We are hitting the Painted Hills out east in later April, the apple blossoms in hood River in early May, the Rhodies and other magnificent displays of color in Florence in later May (I will squeeze a 5K in there) and everything else in between. Really, it's quite a romantic spring we have planned. And it won't step there - the wildflowers keep blooming all summer, just higher up in elevation - requires the backpacks and a lot of sweat to get to see fields of color glory in July...and we'll be right there in the mix.

I kinda want to balk at it, but I will submit and somehow my heart knows that after months of hanging out in God's art studio with StudHusband and the sprouts, I won't miss all the business that is being cleared for such an occasion.

I am squeezing in a trip to Florence with some girlfriends for a weekend but giving up speaking at our church's women's retreat (a tradition I started 5 years ago that seems to be going strong - yay!).

All in all, skipping "busy-ness" to go celebrate and admire God's creation is probably the perfect prescription for my heart. And quite romantic too.


Kristin said...

Just think of the wonderful moments you will have this spring with your sweet hubby and beautiful kids. There will always be something waiting for you to do when you get home. This time with the fam is so precious. The kids will grow up and you will be glad that you did all that wildflower chasing!

Julie, thank you so much for keeping us, and our special trip in your prayers. I have done much better lately and have had no headaches, but have traded that for more neck, shoulder and back painl. It would be wonderful to have a pain free week in Hawaii. Thanks for praying and now I am going to pray for that too!

Amanda P said...

The wildflowers are breath taking, I'm enjoying them myself. Have a wonderful spring and share some photos with us!

Debbie Chavers said...

That will be lovely..Talk about bloom where you are planted. What a lovely way to spend the summer. Enjoy each moment with your family and the people who bless you as you journey.