Monday, April 13, 2009

A more fitting name has been found

I have officially renamed my StudHusband. Granted, he still loves to get up at 4 am to scale a nearby mountain so that he can greet the sunrise from 7500 feet above sea level. He still loves to scream down trails on his mountain bike, flying through the air as he hits a good jump. Yes, he still loves to snowboard - but only after he hoofed himself to the top of our nearby ski resort mountain 'cause ski lifts are just not his style.

yes he has windsurfed in the Baltic Sea in Germany and got really good at and he looks like an x-treme sport commercial when he is slalom water skiing behind our boat.

BUT....StudHusband no longer fully defines him. Over Spring Break, he took me out on an all day date. First we went to the Portland Art Museum - because his love for photography has now bled over into love for all art. As he thoughtfully gazed at another French painting from the 1700s, he declared that someday, he too wants to paint.

Mountain man of mine, you never cease to keep surprising me!

Then we went off to my favorite vegan and raw vegan restaurant in downtown P-town. YUM!! he loved it too, and always does. So kind of him to even try it, being the ranch boy that he is.

Then finally, he took me ballroom dancing for 3 hours. WOW! He can dance! No kidding. He knows the fox trot, waltz, rhumba, and more! And I, have never ever learned such fineries. I kept urging him to choose a different gal so he could twirl around and actually do the dance but my man kept choosing me. The tall, suave man with long eyelashes and a cleft chin just kept choosing me.


So, my studHusband wants to chase flowers all spring and summer, become a painter, an artist, and a photographer. He sings and plays guitar, writing the most beautiful music to me and to our God. He is an athlete and an amazing daddy. He loves learning new technology as he develops his web design business - and teaches engineering classes and higher level math. True to the 16th and 17th century scholars who explored science at a new level, art, music, movement and sport, religion, and enlightenment my man seems to be straight from a different era!

My man is now officially -

My Renaissance Man!


Karyn said...

Oh Julie, you guys are too cute!! Don't you love falling in love over and over again with your husband :)

Amanda P said...

I love gushy entries about husbands! Thanks for sharing in your lovey mush.

Jennifer in OR said...

Move over, Mr. da Vinci!

Jennifer H said...

I am so blessed to see you still so in love with your man. It is so beautiful!!!
Please pray for us whenever the Lord puts us on your heart - our marriage is rather rocky right now...