Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wish me luck!

Today we head to the beach for a beautiful 3 day weekend that celebrates the blooming of the Rhododendrons. This trip has something for all of us - endless scenes to capture on film for my Man, a classic car show for the Wildboy Sprout, a parade for the Princess Sprout and a 5K race for me. I came in 1st overall in '07 and 2nd last year (but had a massive migraine the entire night before and morning of the race) - so, I am out for a good time this year, equipped with my new Brooks Mach 10 Racing shoe:
(remember - I am under oath to only be seen racing and training in Brooks and spouting the wonders of the company at various public places.)

So Wish Me Luck!! I am just hoping to prove to myself that I am actually not a year older and 40 seconds slower.

While I am out, you might enjoy checking out Bo Stern's blog. It is so jam packed with JOY; touching ideas on life, womenhood, and parenting; and encouragements to draw you closer to Him!


Amanda P said...

Have a fabulous time with the fam, and a fast and furious run. :)

MooBee Mama said...

WIN! WIN! WIN!! And stick your toes in the sand for me.