Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What brings tears to my eyes on Mother's day

Yes I was the recipient of numerous sweet cards, homemade gifts, and meals all day prepared by someone other then myself.

And I loved it all.

But what always touches me is when the hubby in the family quietly pulls his wife aside and speaks words of blessing and thankfulness to her for all that she does for his children. My dad never forgets to give my mom a card like that and my sweet husband blesses me with his deep thankfulness that I am the mother of his children every year.

I am one that needs just a few words of encouragement and I am ready to go the next 100 miles. It's my fuel for living.

I thankfully have a husband that says such words to me all year, but he takes Mother's Day seriously and spoils me rotten on that day and it makes me....

...blessed to overflowing.
My mom left her card at my house - it was too sweet from my dad, married 36 years to her - so I will leave you on this sweet note from him:

I couldn't begin to put into words all the joy you've brought to my life, But all the love I'll ever need I've found in you - my wife.
With love on Mother's Day and Always, Charles

Picture taken on the deck of the gorgeous restaurant we went to - Brasada Ranch - with at least 6 massive mountains in our view out the window of this delicious and luxurious restaurant. If we are going to spend money at a restaurant, it better have an amazing atmosphere and great food and this one is beyond belief with views to die for!

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Amanda P said...

Isn't it lovely to have the support of you husband? I am so grateful that we both have that. :)

I can't believe how much Cade has changed...his face looks so much more like yours--he used to look more like Cory. Interesting. :)

Thanks for all your sweet notes on my blog.