Monday, May 25, 2009

As they say: All because two people fell in love

It all started nearly 15 years ago, my first day on OSU campus and I was spotted by the man that would change my life. Mutual friends couldn't help but set us up - it was obvious to everyone what a match we'd make. We loved to worship God with music, loved to get out and sweat hard on a bike or run, loved the outdoors....

One of our first times together was in October - I fresh from Chicago was in awe at the way country folk celebrated harvest fests and found myself atop a fresh load of hay in a wagon being pulled by horses around some fields, and then the strapping tall, chiseled faced man of my future dreams looked across the hay bails and confidently winked at me so only I could see and walked right into my heart for what would turn out to be - forever.

It feels as if I couldn't love him more and yet with each passing day, we fall more in love. As life unfolds and I see the way he graciously handles challenges and triumphs I get a deeper knowing into his character that glimpses of, all those years ago, took my breath away.

That God has added to this rich family our two precious children can only send me to my knees in praise of all that he has done.

Because two people fell in love...we get to see His legacy unfold in these sweet little angels


Karyn said...

So cute!

Jenny said...

This is a beautiful post, Julie.