Saturday, May 23, 2009

Please help me with my bonus room craze

For as long as we have had kids and have been home owners, I have dreamed of having the home with the illusive Bonus Room. See, I want our home to be the home that my kids friends want to come to and picture this idyllic world where the children quietly slip away to the Bonus Room and leave with smiles.

Is it possible to raise kids in a little 3 bedroom home and have their friends desire to come over to a little house even during those late elementary and older years? It works find now, but our kids are young and we do have this nice feature - our kitchen, office/music studio, and front living room are situated in this perfect way to create an indoor track. So, no matter where adults might be in the home, the happy children will be careening through the area as they circle around the track.

Maybe this is what all the parenting experts define as: Togetherness.

So what's in these bonus rooms? During my run today I asked myself this very question. I pictured behind each of the doors that lead to these Bonus rooms lies a mini-DisneyLand, full of endless gadgets, gizmos, and Ferris Wheels to keep children giggling and occupied for hours.

And I, don't have one of these places and covet all that do. There. Truth is out.

So I ask, do you think it is going to be possible to raise our sprouts without one of these Bonus rooms!!????

I want one. But Rennaissance Man says, "Julie, we are outdoor people!! Do you really want to have to work harder and longer to afford the big home and give up months of vacations together as a family? We'll just take our kids' friends with us on our adventures. What would we do with all that space? We wouldn't ever be in it?"

10 minutues later, after I have zoned out for about 9 minutes, I hear him pause so I meekly ask: "well, would this bigger home have a bonus room?"


Summer couldn't come quick enough as I posted earlier, my desires for STUFF, Bonus Rooms, Stuff for the Bonus rooms, and stuff for future Bonus Rooms is starting to consume me!! I feel as if I am collapsing before the finish line. (So I went out, and for the first time in years, I bought myself 3 summer dresses! No friends or mom to help...I did this all by myself! But, sadly it did not take away this incessant desire for a BONUS ROOM!!!)


Tiffany Kerns said...

I love the quote "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and it still has to be mowed." I don't begrudge anyone their bonus room. I too would love to have more space for kids to play but really at what cost? I must say if it means we have to work a lot harder and be stretched to a larger payment so we can't do things like travel, or put the kids in music lessons.....then I can live without it! But, If God deems us worthy to have both :) I won't argue.

BeccaB said...

I know where you're coming from in a way. It always seems like there is something else we really "need" doesn't it? Satan is skilled at making us believe that! For me, I envy other young people who have a husband and children...I want that so badly! But the Lord sees far beyond what I can see and I know He has a great plan for me!

On a side note, I am living at home right now, which happens to have the coveted bonus room! Isn't it ironic that I covet what you have and you covet what I have? But I'm trying to learn to be content with what God has given me right now and trust Him for the future. It is so comforting to know that I am in His strong hands!

Karyn said...

I truly believe it's the atmosphere of your home that kids and people are drawn to...yes, having fun "stuff" can help encourage kids to come, but if they aren't comfortable, even "stuff" won't help them stay. I think your hubby has a great idea of taking your kids friends on outdoor adventures! What a cool thing to do!

I only saw one of your three dresses, but girl, you did GREAT! :)

runninggal said...

Good thing I agree with you all!!

This is what happens by the end of the school year - I put off shopping all year but by this point, I am beginning to crumble at pressures! Macy day sales, Memorial Day sales, Housing sales....YIKES!!!

Wilderness trails - take me away!!!

We leave June 10th - I think i can make it!

Amanda P said...

Thank you, my friend for being real. I LOVE having a smaller home because it keeps us closer...we can find eachother. And there are days that I would DIE for a bonus room so my house could be a little less...mess/noise/pillows-all-over-the-floor, but hey, a smaller house is easier to clean...:)

Amanda P said...

...and yes, your summer away will help. You'll come home feeling like your home is a sweet home and that it's waayyy bigger than a camper. :)