Thursday, December 18, 2008

What does Running Gal run in?

I just got word that Brooks has chosen me to be one of their Brooks sponsored athletes. This means I need to be seen training and racing in (and hopefully winning in!) Brooks shoes and clothes. I also need to be caught proclaiming their mission statement in public places like grocery store check out lines and subways. OK - I made that last one up! But, even before I was chosen by them to represent them out in the running world, I had written this blog post.

This is, what Running Gal runs in!

  • I have been competitively running since 1988!! Wow! Amazingly I am still going strong. Truth is, I rather pound a trail then pavement, but find myself on pavement a lot. So, I need a very good shoe. I have quickly destroyed Asics, Nikes, and Reeboks. These are cute designer shoes, but not truly made to last well. NewBalance offers some good shoes but, again, not my favorite. For years, I was a Saucony girl and still think those are great shoes. However, the shoes that make my heart skip a beat, make my step lighter and my sride faster are the Brooks shoes. These folks design for runners. Like many companies these days, they have many shoes with medial posts placed to offer lots of support and correct for pronation or suponation.

    The winning shoe for me right now is the Brooks Adrenaline($80 to $95). I just love the name! Somehow this shoe does adrenalize me! The Brooks Addiction was one I hoped would work for me as the name was perfect, but it has built in pronation correction that overcorrected me with my orthodic.

  • Check out this Brooks link to be inspired by this company. They truly are desigining high end running shoes and it makes a huge difference. The shoe hugs my foot, provides amazing bounce to my run, and wonderful support. I love this shoe!!!!

Designed to elevate the running experience, Brooks' advanced stability, cushioning and motion control gear is recognized as the product of choice among runners of all levels. Entirely focused on the run, Brooks is dedicated to inspiring people to run and be active. Brooks creates innovative equipment that keeps you running longer, farther and faster—and with more enjoyment of the run.

  • Here's the techy specs on my current shoe:
Rejoice! Runner's World gave the new Adrenaline™ GTS 8 the "Best Buy" award for Stability shoes in its Spring Shoe Guide 2008. Many a runner relies on this trusted road warrior. The shoe is loved for its tried-and-true fit and feel, sought after for its signature smoothness from heel to toe, and depended upon for the graceful, graduated support of its PDRB®. The Adrenaline™ GTS 8 maintains all of the above while enhancing the ride with the long-lasting cushioning and resiliency of MoGo

  • For fun, I might explore some other Brooks shoes. They have an amazing high-tech selection. One on the docket for my next try might be the Defyance:

Runner's World awarded the Defyance its "Editor's Choice" award in its Summer 2008 Shoe Review.
Neutral runners, this is your golden ticket. Your prize? A highly sought-after ride. Finally, the glove-like fit, famous feel, and smooth heel-to-toe transitions of the Adrenaline™ GTS have been re-packaged just for the biomechanically efficient. With no PDRB® and just a touch of control to keep natural pronation in check, you won’t fall into any chocolate rivers.

SH: tried NewBalance with good success. The best shoe for him was the Brooks Beast. Brooks stopped making the Beast and SH stopped running. Truthfully, running just doesn’t work well for a big guy like studhusband. ;(

What works for you and why?

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