Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow boots

Me: I love my Columbia snow boots. For the first time, my little always frozen toes, are kept cozy warm. They are stout boots with a nice high design keeping snow out and ankles from rolling. I use these for all things snowy – to include snowshoeing in my most wonderful MSR snowshoes.

SH: Sportiva Glaciers again! How great to have a boot that you can use to hike trails, climb mountains, and snow traverse. These work great in his MSR Ascents – his chosen snowshoe. Side note: the MSR Ascents have a televater which is basically a heel lift making ascents up snowy mountains much less taxing on the calves. (I still beet him up the mountains J).

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Jennifer H said...

Happy Birthday Julie! I love you sister and thank God for you in my life - even though we are so far apart. I enjoy your blog and getting to know you better. We enjoyed your brothers concert when he was over our way. Thanks for giving us the heads up so that we could. I hope you have a beautiful birthday day!