Saturday, December 13, 2008

Every day and working shoes

SH, as a highschool teacher he NEVER sits down. His students have asked him why he never sits down as all their other teachers do, but on his feet he will be found interacting with the kids. He was starting to notice due to his suponation problem and all his feet time that the tendons on the top of his feet were getting really sore. He went through many types of shoes trying to add support that included Keens (I thought these looked cool and was bummed that they too were no good for this large guy of mine), Merrills, and Bass shoes. What finally started to work was the Dansko Clog. It shifted him back on his heels and aligned his body correctly. We work hard not to elevate the Dansko to a god like status in our home. It’s just that good!!! They don’t get soft and mushy like most other shoes. They are the only shoe I know of that is podiatrically approved. They have this rocking foot bed that propels your foot forward but when you are just standing they force your body to align correctly.

SH has walked to work every single day for the last 5 years. So, his commuting vehicle is simplified to what coat he is wearing and what’s on his feet. The New Balance running shoes gets too soft and unsupportive in too quick of a time. He has found that Merrill low-cut hikers hold up the best for the commute.

Like Mr.Rogers, SH arrives to school in his Merrills and takes them off, puts them in his closet with his puffy black down jacket and dons his Danskos for the school day. Every single day he does this routine and once again, his student’s get a kick out of this little quirk of his.

Me: I used to spend tons of money on my running shoes, climbing shoes, and hiking shoes, but never bothered to get anything but cheap shoes for the rest of my life. Sure, spend all effort and money on shoes that you are in 5% of the time!! I started noticing more and more trips to my amazingly miraculous physical Therapist (for locals – check out Peak Performance. My guy is Wes Rau). He’d size me up and say, “oh yeah. I can fix you. Your hip is way off, again. We’ll get that popped into place.” And he did. 4 years ago it took one visit in the fall to get me back aligned. But 3 years ago, I needed 2 tune-ups…2 years ago I think I needed at least 5 ….and last year, it was just hurting all the time. So, I went in to get my tune-up and this time, I went straight to the shoe store.

There, I finally purchased my first Dansko clog – the Professional – and I got their new narrow design. I wore that thing religiously. We used to have a “no shoe” house, but I couldn’t see how this shoe could do me any good if I didn’t wear it! Dishwashing, vacuuming, floor mopping, laundry, and all other assortments of indoor housewife sports all need the right gear! Amazingly, this last hip tune-up took!! The Danskos kept it in place. A year later I sit here realizing that I have absolutely no pain in this stubborn left hip (or low back as that too was starting to hurt a bunch).
Amazing to think that washing dishes while standing correctly now in my Danskos was actually, day by day serving to heal me!! Yippee!! Go Dansko!!!

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