Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Christmas Tree Lives

Each year we gather together in the forest with friends, hot cocoa, hot soup, and great fast sleds and we find the perfect tree. Each year, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if instead of killing another tree that has tried to survive for 20 plus years for 3 weeks of Christmas indoor viewing pleasure, we instead, bought a LIVE tree!!??

This year, rather spontaneously, we decided to do just that. We passed a cute little Christmas tree farm, selling live trees for $5! We quickly chatted with the kids and decided that it would be fun to grab a shovel and dig up our own tree. Instead of watching it dry out and die all December, we could water it, knowing that we’d get to plant it in our yard and watch it keep growing. (I see a great analogy brewing – baby Jesus came to us on Christmas and stays in our hearts forever, growing His Grace, Love, and power in us, as we become deeper rooted in Him….)

So this year, we are not sporting the 6 foot plus perfect tree from the woods. Instead, we have this cute little 3 foot tree, a mere babe. We get to water it and tend to it, and read books on how to not kill this youngin’ when the shocking transplant to the earth takes place.

And hopefully, we get to watch it live.


Jennifer in OR said...

Awesome. I think we'll still go cut one down tomorrow, but I love the idea of getting a small living tree. $5 sounds good, too!

Ameda said...

Wonderful! change is in the air! $5 is not a tough deal, I guess I should talk to my hubby about it right away! who know we also support a three foot tree instead of huge 7-8 foot tree! thanks.