Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Orthodics - fix your hips, knees, back, and even your neck could benefit!

In the 90s, after about 4 yrs of intense distance running training and competing, I finally was stopped dead in my tracks with a stress fracture in my tibia bone (lower leg). I had also suffered much tendonitis in my knees, shin splints, and some hip pain.

SH has a lot of pain on the bottom of his foot, up near his toes for years.

All of these issues were solved after a visit to a podiatrist and foot casts were done so they could create custom orthodics to correct the promation/supination issues o had.

We learned that at least 80% of people would benefit from orthodics. If the foot is hitting the ground wrong, it bio-mechanically throws the entire gate off putting strains that lead to injuries up the entire body. Foot, ankle, shin, knee, hips, and backs all could suffer in time if this simple step is not taken to get orthodics. Even shoulder, neck, and headache pain can be attributed to an off balanced gait.

All of our shoes need to be compatible with orthodics. This means they cannot have their own built in pronation or supination corrections which is becoming more and more common in shoes. They also need to have a wide base and not the common narrow soles. So many shoes when you look at the soles have an hourglass shape to them. We look for shoes with as wide of a base as we can find.

Welcome to our shoe journey.

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Karyn said...

Ok, here's my totally shallow comment of the they make cute orthodic shoes? :)