Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sacrifices, oh the sacrifices

I laid myself on the sacrificial alter of experimenting with my body all for the sake of you, my faithful blog readers. As is my usual way, today I tried something new, and jumped in with both feet. No testing the waters with a few toes here. No sir. Both feet, no bars held. Here we go.

As I sat on the couch this afternoon, cuddling our new Human Society Pooch and doing some afternoon homeschooling with my princess sprout, I remember thinking, "this is one of those afternoons I hope to never forget. This, THIS is what it's all about, right here, right now...sounding out sounds while we learn to read, learning geometric shapes, learning about being a good citizen, and coloring scenes remembered from this last 4th of July."

But as I sat there, I couldn't continue to ignore the apparent unsettling development brewing in my stomach. I don't tend to ever get stomach issues, so I figured it would pass...but it didn't. It kept brewing, gurgling, and most disturbing, Growing.

I finally had to look my sweet girl in the eyes and pull out of our special alone time. I was barely able to catch my breath at this point as it hurt so intensely. She came into my room and checked on me after I had endured excruciating pain for 45 min. I laid in bed while she held my hand and decided to lay hands on my stomach and pray. Her prayers were so confident, "Mommy, I am going to pray, and God will fix you."

Truth is, by the time she was done with her 2nd prayer, it did start to improve.

So what happened? Oh, I simply made my own version of a recommended drink I posted a few posts ago. I grew my broccoli sprouts, bought my frozen berry mix, and pulled out my Vita-Mix for what I thought would be a tasty healthy little smoothie. Princess sprout and I threw the berries in, rice milk, agave nectar, and a banana and then I decided, oh, if 1/4 cup of broccoli sprouts will work, then 3 cups will be even better!

Ever eat too much raw broccoli? Yeah, no fun....try concentrated broccoli, in the form of sprouts, and you'll be eating something like, oh, I don't know, 50 pounds of raw broccoli...the lovely chemical explosions inside made me wonder if my time had come. I was blowing up like a fast growing helium balloon.

And all this, jumpin in at top speed as I sacrificed my body for the good of the cause, brings me to my new conclusion on this yummy smoothie idea:

either A. don't make this smoothie ever or B. maybe try to not use 3 cups of these potent sprouts, but oh, maybe a teaspoon instead...and increase it as you can.

Take it from me! Go slow with the 'ole broccoli sprouts, but know this, I will not be beaten down by the Broccoli sprout monster. I will prevail! I'll just go slower next time. Broccoli sprouts are worth it.

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