Monday, November 3, 2008

Not-running girl

I have to confess...I have been injured. My first injury since 1991 and it's downright depressing. I did just what I was told to do and knew to do, I went to the gym and did my "run" on an eliptical machine. Indoors is just not where it's at. I stared out the window at the beautiful orange leafed-trees and dreamed of breathing in the fresh outdoor air as I remained in the sterile indoor world of the gym.

Thankfully, the front desk girl is also a runner and completely agreed that nothing gives the satisfaction of a good, hard run.

Anyway, I am not exactly sure why or how I am injured or even what it is at this point - I know that I did an unthinkable - I didn't get new shoes on time (like 500 miles too late, you know, save some pennies) and I crashed pretty good on my new Specialized Stumpjumper Expert mountain bike - putting a nice ding across the word "Expert". I suspect a strained calf muscle from either shin splints or the crash pulling my ankle and straining the leg muscles.

Tonight as I whined to StudHusband that when running gets taken from me I will just completely shut down ( I was laughing at myself as I said this...but I feel desperate at this moment!)...he calmly said to me, "Oh no you won't. You'll find something else to do."

To that I quipped, "but I'd have to shut my blog down!!"


Suzanne's Blog said...

Oh, man!! I'm so sorry. I know just what you mean. I'm not a runner; but I am a huge walker. I walk for miles each day in our gorgeous fall weather. The other day, I had to use my petite treadmill; and as you stated, it just wasn't the same. I'll be praying that you heal soon so that you can join the pavement once again.

Jenny Kay said...

YOu could become the skiing gal and hit the slopes with me!