Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Overcoming Heartburn or acid reflux

Oh the exciting topics on this blog just never stop.

Like I have said many times, we have learned so much and want to share so that others can benefit too. Our oldest sprout has had reflux issues since he was a baby. By 3, his voice was totally hoarse from the acid burning his vocal cords.

Docs suggested what all good docs suggest - drugs. Prevacid to be exact. And they said he'd be fine to be on this for the rest of his life.


The insert that comes with the drug that only a few nutballs like me ever even read said they'd only tested it on 66 kids for 6 weeks...and even they had quite a few reactions, from mild to severe.

But what about the thing that I come back to over and over again: is this counter to the bodily systems that God brilliantly put into action? Like the fact that we NEED our acid in our stomach to assimilate things like our vitamin Bs? Without the acid, our bodies don't absorb much vitamin B at all? And vitamin B is quite necessary - so is it at all possible that Prevacid, that neutralizes the stomach acid, would not cause any effects at all on a person who took it from the age of 3????

How's the liver gonna like to deal with a strong drug like this for all these years?

And on and on.

So I started researching and determined that many food sensitivities can trigger acid reflux. So, first thing we did was eliminate dairy...and greatly reduce wheat.

As well, we learned of fascinating techniques done by physical therapists that know how to do it that literally work on the smooth tissue of the stomach and other surrounding muscles to help reduce and eliminate reflux.

Our sprout probably had a hiatus hernia which means that the stomach was pooching up through the hiatus hole created from the esophagus going through the diaphragm to the stomach. So, in effect, the PT literally pulled the stomach back into place, like pulling a cork out of wine bottle.

We also had our pastor pray over little sprout because the docs were threatening surgery.

As well, we had little sprout take Deglyccerized Licorice (DGL) 20 min before any meal, probiotics, and sometimes aloe-vera. DGL is an incredible supplement for stomach ailments such as ulcers and reflux. Here's some of what it does:
· Licorice flavonoids help inhibit acid secretion*
· Increases blood flow to gastric mucosal cells*
· Promotes secretion of the protective mucosa*
· Promotes growth and activity of mucosal cells*

The combo has literally cured him. His voice is slowly healing and is less hoarse all the time, he does not complain of stomach aches and tingly juice, and he is NOT on Prevacid.

No dairy and an extremely low amount of wheat is a critical component to this. 80% of Americans have a varying degree of Wheat intolerance. It's what keeps the over the counter meds specific to digestion issues (i.e. constipation, heartburn, gas, etc.) flying off the shelf. A simple reduction to elimination of wheat and often dairy too can solve a ton of health issues - from psoriasis to ear infections, to catching a lot of colds, to even heartburn and acid reflux issues. I even notice a reduction in headaches since I nearly eliminated wheat from my life.

What has your experience been?


Anonymous said...

My little guy had reflux from the time he was born. He'd projectile vomit a whole nursing across the carpet and cry! After four months of combing books I stumbled across something I'd read before but not remembered because it was under the formula fed baby section. 20-30% of babies that are dairy intolerant (he was) are also soy intolerant.

The light went on!

I'd replaced the cows milk on my occassional bowl of cereal with soy milk. The reflux was worst on those days.

I cut out soy (soybean oil, soy lecithin, hydrolyzed soy protien etc) and he stopped spitting up.

What a relief!

runninggal said...

Do I know you!!?

Yes! Soy is a huge irritant - to all of us really. High in phytoestrogens, it's not recommended for any of us, truly. It's being marketing heavily by the soy industry as a health food but has so many problems. Only cultured soy should ever be eaten (miso for example is good).

We also hardly eat soy and that helps as well. TO avoid soy in America you truly have to cook from scratch as it is a filler ingredient in almost anything pre-made.

Rice milk, almond milk, and sometimes goat milk are much better options.