Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 17: backpacking with kids - our 200 mile summer: Evolution Basin

Day  17: Franklin Meadows to Evolution Basin, 8 mi, 2000 ft elevation climb

Anticipation built all day as the highly acclaimed Evolution Basin was within our reach.  A days hike and over 2000 ft of climbing through 2 more hanging valleys of expansive meadows was all that was between us and one of our favorite basins on the planet.  We climbed fast and steady, often catching up to other adult groups making their way. 

The pull up the mountain was strong for Cade and Bekah, as they couldn’t wait to tease the fish with their newly made willow rods.  The pull was strong for Cory as he was watching the continuing build up of the clouds and was dreaming of the light show in the sky over his cherished basin that was sure to happen.  Our timing could be perfect for this happy photographer.

After 2 days of forest hiking near a river, entering the basin was almost a shock to the eyes.  We traded in the closed in feeling that comes from walking amongst giant trees for a wide open basin of granite peaks reaching over 13,000 feet soaring over the enchanting Evolution lake.  Our first evening did not fail to deliver.  A pink glow illuminated the craggy peaks as the sun set, with Cory happily stationed near the outflow of the lake, capturing the red and yellow sky as it reflected on the water that cascaded over the cliff and the kids calf deep, patiently stalking their prized prey: the Golden Trout.

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