Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 11: backpacking with kids: our 200 mile summer: Bear Creek Cutoff is Heavenly

Day 11: VVR to Middle of Bear Creek Drainage, 8 miles, steep climb, 1500 ft elevation change

The power to create this phenomenal world, without the interference of man’s hand, is clearly displayed in the very existence of a towering tree, a singular flower, or a raging river, not to mention the intricate ecosystem that keeps it all functioning.  The act, for us, of walking through this sacred land is a continual form of worship to the very Creator who made this all possible.

Today’s hike from the Bear Creek Cutoff trailhead up the Bear Creek drainage basin was one of the most spectacular hikes I have ever been on.  Slab granite lined the canyon walls with flat pools of water that flowed down to the next part of the flowing stream.  We followed this gorgeous waterway the entire uphill climb.  Massive granite slabs created eddies and waterfalls with majestic Western Juniper and Lodge pole trees growing out of cracks in the granite.  Some of the isolated pools of blue green water seemed to have little cherubims fluttering around in this heavenly setting. 

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