Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chin up everyone

I know it's gray. I know it's STILL January. ( I had to remind my husband of that today - Do you know, I told him, that it is STILL January??!)_

We haven't seen the sun in a long time. THis vitamin D deficient soul is relying on a dwindling backup supply to keep the 'ole smile.

So sometimes, I sort of force a smile - it tricks my body - my body must not be so smart as it says to itself, "Self, the face is smiling...we must be happy...let's get those happy endorphines flowing 'cause the owner is clearly smiling...."

And then, soon enough, the smile that tricked the body now has a happy body, and the happy body tells the face to keep smiling....and this is probably why January takes so long.

To read more about why this actually can and does work:

So, CHin Up everyone. Let the words from Wilbur remind you to choose JOY!!

Chin up, chin up
Everybody love a happy face
Wear it, share it
It’ll brighten up the darkest place
Twinkle, sparkle
Let a little sunshine in
You’ll be on the right side
Looking at the bright side
Up with your chinny chin chin…

Chin up, chin up
Put a little laughter in your eyes
Brave it, save it
Even though you’re feeling otherwise
Rise up, wise up
Make a little smile begin
You’ll be happy hearted
Once you get started
Up with your chinny chin chin!

Chin down, you can't come frowning
Turn around
Start clowning
Think sad
Your troubles double
Think glad
To burst white bubbles

Chin up, chin up
Every little time your spirits wilt
Chin up, chin up
Give your attitude an upward tilt
Twinkle, sparkle
Let a little fun begin
You’ll be on the right side
Looking at the bright side
Up with you chinny chin chin
Chin up!


Amanda Perko said...

I'm so hearing you...but even getting out in the grey will help (running is good) and a little xtra vit. D suppliment! I'll tell you what, I'm missin' those CO sunny skies and I'm ready for the sun again! Chin up!

Anonymous said...

I was greatly in need of a smile... and your blog did the trick!! I love how God works through His kids to help one another-thank you for that, and for letting the 'Son' shine through you; it's the one that really counts:-)
(ok, that song is stuck in my head now! good choice:-)!

Jennifer in OR said...

Thanks for the encouraging word. :-) My chin is a little higher today. Like Erin, that song is now stuck in my head. And that's okay.