Saturday, November 21, 2009

Climbing a move at a time

My friend over at in pondering about Never giving up hit home. As I take on this monumental task of working full time, teaching 1st through 12th graders, being a mom, a wife, a follower of God, a friend, a sister and still trying to maintain ME I too have wanted to give up, throw the towel in and walk back into my past life of getting to stay home, live on my own schedule, and be free to come and go as I wished. I miss catching planes to locations all over the US to perform with my brother, David. I miss going for a run in the middle of the day along the river banks. I miss just being out and about.

But these times, these super hard times, are really cool too. It's in these times that I find myself learning, growing, and becoming faster then I ever did when life was not so rigorous.

I get to a spot in the climb and it appears at first, impossible. I stare. I ponder options. I stare some more. I ponder more. And finally, I see a possible place to put a left foot that just might allow me to pull myself up and be in a whole new place on the rock...I try it, it's working....I slip...back to the begininning....

Stare....ponder....plan....Try again....

I slip again....

Stare...ponder...plan....Try AGAIN!

It's working! And I get my right leg to a foothold, push up a bit, allowing my left hand to grab a great hold and pull up and suddenly, I am moving into a brand new position, a brand new plateau, a brand new perspective.

The last spot that had me stuck is now figured out, it's now a part of my tricks, adds to my confidence. I get to enjoy the peace that comes when I make it past a sticky spot, but only for a moment.
It's time to take what I learned and think through how to make it past the next spot. And so it goes, one maneuver at a time, all the way to the top.
Gaining perspective one move at a time.

Which won't come if I give up.
And oh view , the sweet view from the top, a little taste of God's perspective on the little planet we wander around on.
I will lift my eyes, to the maker of these Mountains I am climbing!


Jennifer in OR said...

Really awesome, Julie. It is so much like climbing a mountain, with all its treachery and beauty. Inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I sat by your mother Diana on a plane today! She raved about you and your brother and insisted I google you two. She wasn't kidding, God has done amazing things in your lives. The next time you speak to your mother please let her know she was truely a blessing to me today. Oh by the way, I agree, running is the most benificial ipod free. It's a time to reflect on life and the many blessings aound you. It's my most treasured time spent with God.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for sharing from your heart... You have a beautiful way of writing that really speaks to my heart. I needed that... Never Give Up. As I was struggling, missing my husband (he moved home to Heaven in July), I read your blog, and, as always, was amazed and grateful for the ways that God speaks through, and to, His children. I know that our Father will continue to pour His strength into you for the climb. Thank you for encouraging us all, along the way!
You are in my prayers. Keep shining!

runninggal said...

Megan says, "Hi Julie,
My name is Megan. I came across your blog one day while surfing the web (was looking for a certain David song) and after reading through several of your entries I was really touched by your love for God, life, and family. I especially love that you're a teacher. I am also, but of very small children. I could tell you would be someone I could relate to extremely! Also love your gardening input. Now I saw a badge for your facebook on your blog and the rest is history! Take care and God bless you!!!!!".