Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cory's photography business is officially launched

We travel a lot. This summer alone we went from Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, CA, to the Leavenworth, Washington and lots of stuff in between (like Mt Raineer and Mt St Helens National Parks) before heading back to the Sierras, outside of Bishop again.

And all along the way, on trails, in National Parks, in the wilderness...Cory has his gear and we are cheering him on as he captures the beauty of a moment. Almost every one of these shots the family is near by chanting, "Go daddy go!"...and along the way we have all learned better how to first notice and then savor sunsets that light up the sky, leaves turning hues of reds and yellows, flowers bursting in color, and majestic mountain peaks glowing in the twilight.

To be able to capture an image like these, we are at the location for 1 to 2 hours, sometimes more. And many of these photos are after as many as 12 visits to the same location over 3 years of trying before the perfect lighting and conditions finally happen. Patience to the Nth degree.

Come enjoy his collection at his new on line gallery -

Sneak Peaks of what you'll find if you stop on in:

First morning on our anniversary trip this last summer - Dusy Basin - just over Bishop Pass on our 60 mile route through Evolution Basin on the John Muir Trail and Sequoia Kings National Park.

These types of images range from 9 to 36 images stitched together to create the full image. There's no way to capture the detail and vastness of God's creation with one shot - the pros have all the tricks, eye for composition, patience and equipment to make this happen so that we can all enjoy the beauty of a moment frozen in time forever. Cory is a purist and will never add things that weren't there or use PhotoShop in anyway to change what was really happening.

These pictures are authentic reflections of God's handiwork.

He has an entire collection dedicated to the oceans and waterways:

You'll find panoramics that can be blown up huge or remain smaller:

You'll find pictures that stir peace and joy:

New photos being added weekly.


Cathy said...

GORGEOUS photos taken of God's GORGEOUS creation!! Wow!! VERY nice!

Stephen Baird said...

wow ... i love your photos. would love to know where to shoot them. i live in chicago but i am out west every 2-3 weeks.
thanks for any info on these gorgeous shots.
nikonsniper steve

Stephen Baird said...

i hunt for photography blogs all the time. i learn from everyone. i especially loved these panoramic shots shown on your blog. i love landscapes and i travel out west 14-16 days per month. i will be out shooting in los angeles - san diego area prior to christmas. i post about 6 photos daily from wherever i am or from a backlog of good ones from all over when i am at home in chicago.
all the best.
nikonsniper steve