Saturday, July 4, 2009


Just returned from a wonderful week at our favorite camping lake - East lake - perfect beach, camping right on the lake, safe, quiet, beautiful.

The week was well-paced as it started off with our wonderful friends, the Christiansens, from our church and then some other friends came on Sunday....that first group left on Monday and then we came down to our home town for Tuesday's ballet spectacular with our own darling ballerina loving every second of getting to perform in front of hundreds of spectators. Then we went up to the lake again and more friends came on Wed and stayed with us through Sat.

As well, all week my hubby's mom and step-dad were up there camping all week and his brother and his family came on Wed for the rest of the week. So cousins, family, friends...all filled us up to the brim with love and community and connectedness. The stuff of summer!

On Tues though, as I walked into the house the phone was ringing and the person on the other end was bearing news that would completely change our direction as a family. This new season of our life will be so consuming that I have decided to officially stop blogging. If you'd like to know the details, just call or email.

Seasons come and seasons go and this next season will just simply be too hugely consuming to be able to keep this wonderful world of blogging up. I had so many thoughts to share and ideas to ponder out loud with you all, but alas, I will be brought back to conversations face to face with friends and not be able to maintain conversing with the WWW.

It's been a fun journey!!

Love, Julie

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Holy Hill Blogger said...

Wow - I hope it's something wonderful and not the opposite. Hope it goes well for you.