Thursday, January 15, 2009

I MISS YOU my Yerba Mate!!

Still resolved to break my addiction as it has clearly gotten me good this round. Truly, I am noticing that my whole system is more relaxed without the mate energy coursing through me. I like that. I also feel really awake today, even though I was up a ton last night mulling over a very challenging situation in my life right now.

Heart is not palpating funny anymore either. soon as I am convinced that I am free and clear of this ball and chain, I will again indulge in a mate, latte,or whatever else strikes my fancy if I am out with a dear friend. Nothing quite like sipping a hot energy powered cup of joe in the presence of a girl friend.

Just this next time, I will not indulge in the practice alone, every single day, 'till the end of time.

I will be a social drinker. Yes!!!

Just not a closet, need my fix, getting the shakes, don't talk to me before I down my cup kind of drinker.

This will work!!


Kristin said...

I have never had one. They must be pretty darn good or energizing to have one every day. Good for you for going through torture to be clean. Last week I really had a hard time of cutting out sugar. This week I feel pretty good considering... More energy also! I still want to have you over. Will sometime next week work for you? Let's try and set a date. Hope you have a wonderful weekend in the sun. And by the way, my MRI came back normal. YEAH!!!!!

runninggal said...

Kristin -

Yerba mate is in the same catagory as any energy caffeine drink - cup of coffeee, cup of green tea/black tea.

They claim it's somehow different, but I can testify, it's affects are the same as coffee. My naturopath assured me that mate is just as stimulating as coffee or black teas and if you want a cup of coffee, you don't have to choose the mate 'cause it's healthier.

I actually like Yerba Mate, coffee, and all teas. (Not picky how I get my high!)

Yerba is a more basic pH than the acidic pH of coffee and it supposedly is good for the immune system.

Good job on the sugar!! American culture makes us think that "balance" includes sugar but for us, we said 100% NO way on the poison since 2005 and we have literally hardly even caught a cold since then. Our kids haven't missed a day of school (Cade missed one in K-garten, none during 2 years of preschool, 1st grade, and now 2nd grade). It works!!! It's so simple but it works!!

Kristin said...

Julie, I should really pick up the phone to tell you this but oh well, it seems a bit quicker to just ent a comment!

My chiropractor's name is Jeanne Young. She was refered to me by the vascular surgeon who did my surgery. I like her a lot. I am so glad to hear that you are getting somewhere too. I too was very sore the first couple of visits.

She did some strange things in my mouth where she says I hold a lot of my tension. The first time she pushed on that muscle in my mouth I thought I was going to throw up on her because of the pain. I'm glad I didn't.

Anyway, I think my week has been a little better since going there but still wake up with bad headaches around 5 am.

Jennifer in OR said...

Good for you. I've never liked the taste of Yerba Mate personally, but always felt like it was a healthier choice...guess it doesn't much matter!

runninggal said...

Yeah - my naturopath said in terms of most of the negative things about caffeine, Yerba does the same thing. It is a basic pH instead of acidid like coffee, but she said if you want a cup of something, you don't need to pick Yerba mate over coffee just because it's healthier. THe general effect on the bod is about the drink the one you like (in moderation of course!)

John in FL said...

I tried Yerba Mate in a canned cold beverage format from Smoothie King and liked the taste and the energy boost. This made me curious and a little suspicious so I did some research and learned that it is supposedly healthier. Not sure about that. I don't like the hot Yerba Mate beverage nearly as much as coffee.

For a afternoon boost I prefer the Green Tea Energy from Yogi Tea. It contains Ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus) Root and Asian (Panax) Ginseng Root, and of course green tea.

Also contains Kombucha which is evidently controversial. Anyone have any experience with this?

Anonymous said...

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